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March is National Brain Injury Awareness month and I’ve been busy trying to spread education and awareness in a variety of ways. I’ve listed links below to a couple of my efforts, including my article in the Huffington Post and an interview with WAMC Northeast Public Radio. Please check them out and share them with your family and friends. (Links for email and social media are below.)

New scientific knowledge about brain injury as well as improved prevention and recognition techniques are helping to address brain injury as an important public health issue. I believe that with greater understanding and awareness, we can better care for people with brain injuries and help their families and caregivers, and ultimately have more compassion for all those coping with brain injury of one type or another in their lives.

Thank you for reading and sharing. Here’s to expanding ideas, generating hope, and opening minds.

Click here for my article for the Huffington Post.

Click here for my interview on WAMC Northeast Public Radio with Joe Donahue.

Click here for information about TBI from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



  1. I attended your talk at Littleton Adventist Hospital today, April 4th. I marvelled at how well you told Molly’s story, making us feel we were with you during parts of your journey. Thank you for making us aware of this insidious problem. I have purchased your book and will share it. If there is a way I could help with your mission, please let me know.

    • Thank you, Judy. I really appreciate your thoughts. Please sign up with your email on my website so I can let you know when I create new blog posts, and we can continue our parts in this important conversation. Thanks so much for buying my book and for helping to spread the word. Our voices matter. Thanks for sharing! (Please add a review on Amazon when you can. That also helps us to raise awareness.)

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